New England GeoSystems is a full service Geographic Information System consultant assisting private, public and non-profit entities across the eastern United States. New England GeoSystems offers a wide range of products and services tailored towards the creation, integration and distribution of information resources in a spatial context.


New England GeoSystems specializes in planning, implementing and supporting municipal GIS programs. GIS consulting is our business rather than a support service to engineering, planning or IT consulting practices. Over the past several years, we have implemented numerous Geographic Information Systems for large and small Connecticut municipalities as well as communities in Rhode Island and New York State.



"We are confident that New England GeoSystems’ commitment to success and our ability to develop and adapt to our clients way of doing business will result in a successful GIS implementation as well as establish a beneficial and positive long-term relationship. I feel that not only will we provide you with excellent service, unmatched quality, and competitive and flexible pricing but I believe that we will establish the relationship you are looking for in a GIS / Mapping / Internet consultant."


-Brian Dooley, PE - President