Our web mapping products are highly cutomizable and tailored to suit the needs of our clients, whilst still built on a robust and flexible platform that can grow along with our clients' needs.


We also offer a wide range of GIS services that employs from the diverse experiences of our staff to provide high-quality GIS and mapping services to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Municipal / Enterprise GIS


  • Geographic Data Management

  • Cartographic Services

    • Tax Maps

    • Zoning Maps

    • POCD Mapping

    • Trail Maps / Brochures

    • Specialized Site Mapping

  • Spatial Reporting Services

    • Site Analysis

    • Zoning Analysis

Map Service Hosting


  • Commercial ArcGIS Server Hosting

  • Commercial Geocortex Hosting

  • Public and Secured Web Services Available

  • Flexible & Scalable

  • Local Support

  • Redundant Backup Solution for Data Security

Data Creation & Maintenance


  • Parcels

  • Zoning and other Planning Related Data

  • Trails

  • Utility / Civil Engineering Data

  • Data Collection

    • Utilities

    • Trails

    • Streets / Signs

Assessment & Implementation


  • Tax Maps

    • Creation and Maintenance

  • Parcels Updates

    • Parcels Maintained to a High Standard for use on both Cartographic and Web Products

​Training & Support


  • One on One Training

  • Group Training

  • Ad-Hoc GIS Service Requests

​Systems Design


  • GIS Systems Needs Assessments

  • Hardware and Software Architecture Recommendations

  • Data Management Restructuring

  • GIS Data Maintenance Procedures Assessment and Recommendations


Property Information Portal


  • Public Access Viewer Portal

  • Secured "Internal Use" Viewer Portal

Purpose Built Applications


  • Spatial Asset Viewers

  • Land Use Editors

  • Citizens with Autism Safety System (CASS)

​Geographic Document Retrieval


  • 3rd Party Application Implementation

  • Live Feed to Document Sources

  • Mobile Accessible

Citizen Request Management


  • ESRI ArcGIS Compatible

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services for High Availability

  • Multi-level Email Notifications

  • Tiered Validation Process

  • Flexible Reporting Options

  • Automated Email Receipts

  • Staff-only Version Available

  • Public Safety Version Available

Location Based Work Orders


  • Health Inspection

  • Grease Trap Inspection

  • Catch Basin Inspection

  • Call Before you Dig (CBYD)

Geo-Thematic Presentations


  • Specialized Cartographic Needs